The Egyptian Army deployed troops and armoured vehicles in the coastal city of Suez on Saturday after deadly clashes between police and anti-government protesters, state media reported.

The deployment came after police lost control of the situation in the city, it quoted chief of Suez security Major General Adel Refat as saying.

“The Army deployment came after security forces were attacked by firearms during the clashes,” he said.

Nine people, including a policeman were killed in the city that lies about 100 kilometres east of Cairo, medical sources said.

The clashes were the fiercest in a wave of violence that erupted across Egypt on Friday, marking the second anniversary of a revolt that toppled former president Hosny Mubarak.

The Health Ministry said the violence claimed six lives in Suez and one more in the coastal city of Ismailia.

At least 476 people were injured across the country, it said.

Sporadic clashes occurred outside the state TV building near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where thousands of President Morsy’s opponents gathered to decry his policies and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Angry protesters torched the Brotherhood’s offices and attacked governmental buildings in several areas of the nation.

Mr. Morsy appealed for calm and vowed that authorities would bring lawbreakers to justice.

“I call on all citizens to adhere to the noble principles of the Egyptian revolution in expressing opinion freely and peacefully,” he said on his official Facebook page.

He offered condolences to families of the victims of what he termed “abominable violence.” Political opponent Mohammed ElBaradei criticised Mr. Morsy over the handling of the crisis.

“What we have seen so far from the President and his government, in dealing with the tragedy in which we are living, is an example of sheer irresponsibility,” Mr. ElBaradei said.

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