Prince William may delay starting full-time royal duties and continue to be with the military for much of the next decade, a media report said on Monday.

William, 28, knows that if he leaves the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 2012 after his planned three-year tour of duty as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, he will have only repaid about half of the £800,000 training cost, Daily Express reported.

William’s advisers expected him to leave the RAF after one tour of duty and go back to an earlier plan to start full-time royal duties like his father Prince Charles.

But now sources say there has been a change of thinking and William has an open mind on what he wants to do next and may extend his military time.

“If you asked William what he plans to do next he would genuinely tell you he has got no firm idea. He could well stay in the military in some capacity. He has said publicly that he would like to serve in Afghanistan. That certainly hasn’t been ruled out,” a source was quoted as saying.

St. James’s Palace spokesperson: “It is too early to know what Prince William’s plans are after he has served a tour of duty with the search-and-rescue force. Many options will be open to him at the end of his tour.”

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