The Czech Republic’s President Vaclav Klaus plans to appoint Civic Democratic party leader Petr Necas to the post of prime minister on Monday, the president’s office has said.

The Civic Democrats are currently in coalition talks with other parties on the formation of a new centre-right government after the general election in May.

The Necas-led party came second in the poll but is expected to rule together with the conservative TOP 09 and populist Public Affairs parties. The three parties together command a comfortable majority of 118 seats in the Parliament’s 200-strong lower house.

The election’s winners, the Social Democrats, were not able to find coalition partners to form a majority government.

The central European country of 10.5 million is currently in the hands of the outgoing caretaker government led by Prime Minister Jan Fischer.

Fischer’s interim administration resigned on Friday after more than a year in power, but was asked to stay on until the new government takes over.

Necas has said that he aims to finish the coalition agreement by July 7 and have his cabinet in place by mid-July, so it can prepare its own budget for 2011.

His potential cabinet is expected to promise to introduce public finance reforms and anti-corruption measures.

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