Comments suggest Beijing does not back "all-weather" ally's calls for U.N. probe

The Chinese government said on Friday that it was of the view that tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) were for India and Pakistan to resolve through dialogue, a day after Pakistan called for a United Nations probe into the recent incidents.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry statement suggested that it did not back “all-weather” ally Pakistan’s proposal for a U.N. probe, which India rejected on Thursday.

Asked if China agreed with Pakistan’s call, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said: “As a neighbour and friend of both India and Pakistan, we sincerely hope that the two countries properly and calmly resolve the dispute through dialogue and consultation, so as to maintain peace and stability in South Asia.”

“India and Pakistan are important countries in South Asia,” he added.

While China’s close military ties with Pakistan have historically been a source of distrust in India-China relations, officials and analysts here say the Chinese government will continue to adhere to its stated policy in the past two decades of not involving itself in disputes between the countries.

However, India has, in the recent years, objected to Chinese investments in infrastructure projects in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), which Beijing has continued — arguing that its interests were “purely commercial” — despite New Delhi’s protests. India has, for its part, responded by stepping up its involvement in exploration projects in the South China Sea.

Indian and Chinese officials say China has, in the past year, stopped issuing stapled visas to Indian citizens from Jammu and Kashmir, after India lodged strong protests and pointed out that the issuing of regular Chinese visas to Pakistanis in PoK was tantamount to backing Pakistan’s position on Kashmir.

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