Anurup Bhattacharya, the father of the two Indian toddlers placed in foster care by the Norwegian Child Protection Service (CWS) on Tuesday denied he wanted the children to remain in Norway. "I desperately want the children to return to their country of origin, which is India. I would not like them to forget their own language, culture or religion. I have problems with my wife. That is a totally separate issue. As for as the children are concerned, I definitely want them to go home." Anurup Bhattacharya told The Hindu.

Mr. Bhattacharya said the Indian television channels had told him about the rumours from the Indian foreign Ministry suggesting he wanted the children to remain in Norway. "That is completely false and I deny it vehemently. The TV channel in question has made up the story and tried to attribute statements and intentions to me which allegedly originated in the MEA. I am more than happy with the compromise proposed. The children will be brought up by my family and my brother will have legal custody," he added. He also said he had not filed for a separation, let alone a divorce and that he and his wife were together in the fight to get their children back to India.

His brother Arunabhas, who is to take custody of the children also denied reports saying he had refused to take custody. "I want proper documents. I am prepared to take the responsibility but I want the proper legal instruments that will allow me to do so. We are now very close to an agreement.

The two families, I think must work together, must come together, whatever the difficulties, and do what is in the best interests of the children. We have begun talking already," he told The Hindu.

In the latest developments, the two families have finally begun talking together. Lawyers in India and Norway are working together and are very close to reaching a satisfactory conclusion. Certain weak clauses in the original document are being removed, loopholes plugged and the document will be legally binding before an Indian court of law or any other authority or institution anywhere. At this point in time there is no valid reason to believe that the hearing date of 23 March will be postponed.

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