Greece on Monday said that a joint air force exercise with Israel has been cancelled, following an early Monday morning attack on foreign activists by Israel?s military.

Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas made the announcement following emergency talks with Israel?s ambassador to Athens after at least 10 foreign activists were killed after the Israel navy stormed a flotilla of six ships bound for the Gaza ship with aid.

The flotilla of six boats, containing 10,000 tons of aid had been warned before setting sail for Gaza that it would be denied entry.

Reports said there were more than 40 Greek activists, doctors and journalists sailing on the two Greek ships.

Earlier, Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Grigoris Delavekouras said it was not certain whether there were any Greek casualties.

Greece?s air force had begun joint training exercises with Israel off the southern Mediterranean island of Crete on May 9.

The manoeuvres, code?named ?Minoas 2010,? were expected to run until June 3 and consisted of aerial manoeuvres and knowledge exchange involving 10 Israeli F?16 and F?15 fighters.

The operation also involved simulated aerial combat, attacks on terrestrial targets, aerial refuelling and search and rescue missions from the air force base of Souda to the Aegean island of Aghios Eftrastio.

Greece and Israel began joint manoeuvres in 1994, although the aim to date had been natural disaster response. Combat equipment was first used in such exercises last June.

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