Russia has said the IAEA report smacked of “political dishonesty” and was driven by “destructive logic” aimed at wrecking political settlement of Iran's nuclear problem.

“We suspects them [the authors of some of the comments in the report] of political dishonesty and pursuing goals that have nothing to do with the task of eliminating the well-known concerns regarding Iran's nuclear program,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a comment on the report.

The statement lashed out at the IAEA Secretariat for breaching confidentiality rules by making public parts of the report before it was discussed by the Board of Governors and at a time when chances are looking up for a resumption of the dialogue with Iran.

“There are those who are guided by the principle ‘the worse, the better'. We of course cannot support their destructive logic, their policy of deliberate disruption of the political-diplomatic process.”

“Russia is gravely disappointed and bewildered that the report is being turned into a source adding to the tensions over the problems connected to the Iranian nuclear program,” said the statement.

President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday denounced Israeli threats of a military strike on Iran as “extremely dangerous rhetoric” fraught with “dire consequences”.

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