British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday that Britain wanted to be a “positive player” in Europe, after inaugural talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

“I want us to work together to achieve the economic stability, the growth and the action on European deficits that we know is very much in the interests of all our countries,” the prime minister said.

At the same time, Mr. Cameron stressed that his government would oppose any treaty changes that gave the EU greater powers.

“We don’t want to see transfer of power from Westminster to Brussels ... Obviously if there were a treaty that proposed that it would be subject to a referendum.” Nevertheless, the prime minister said euro stability was important for the British economy.

“Britain is not a member of the euro, nor are we likely to become a member of the euro, but we want a strong and stable eurozone, that is where 50 per cent of our trade goes and it’s in our interest that that takes place.” Mr. Cameron was in Berlin at the same time as the German parliament approved its contribution to a 750—billion—euro (938—billion—dollar) eurozone rescue package.

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