Australia said on Friday it was making representations to the United States about the potential prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his treatment there.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said Canberra was asking “plenty of questions” about Mr. Assange, an Australian citizen, though it could not interfere in European proceedings involving the WikiLeaks chief.

“The only channels that Australia currently has available are diplomatic channels and those channels are being used,” Ms. Roxon told Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, during an open session at a legal conference in Sydney.

“We certainly will be continuing representations particularly to the U.S. government, which is where I think people are most concerned that there might be action being taken that would not be consistent with approaches that we would take here in Australia.”

Ms. Roxon's comments were in response to Ms. Robinson asking whether Australia “has, or will be, asking more proactively of the U.S. government about their intentions to prosecute Julian”, according to Australian Associated Press.


Julian Assange loses extradition appealMay 30, 2012

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