The Indian-American community in the United States on Wednesday condemned the kidnapping and beheading of two Sikhs by the Pakistani Taliban.

“We urge the government of India to ask the government of Pakistan and exert pressure on it to punish the guilty to the fullest extent,” said the Non-Resident Indians for Secular and Harmonious India in a signed statement.

“We also ask the government of India to exert pressure on the government of Pakistan to seek release of the Sikhs and Hindus who are in the captivity of the Taliban and to provide the captives protection to live in peace.”

The organisation also said India should ask Pakistan to safeguard gurdwaras, temples, churches, and Ahmadiya mosques from the Taliban and other extremists.

In a separate statement, the Indian National Overseas Congress said: “The cold-blooded murder of innocents is a crime against humanity and no religious tenet would justify such an insane act.”

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