Says they work with Right-wing forces to destroy CPI(M)

Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has cautioned his party workers against the actions of certain disruptive groups and individuals who claim to be ‘grand revolutionaries’ in the political milieu of the State.

Inaugurating a seminar on ‘Marxism and the contemporary world,’ organised by the Keluettan Study and Research Centre in connection with the birth centenary of Marxist leader P. Sundaraiah at the Tagore Centenary Hall in Kozhikode on Friday, Mr. Vijayan said all such so-called revolutionaries considered the CPI(M) as their archrival and worked in alliance with Right-wing forces to destroy the party. “We should keep constant vigil against such fake presentations,” he said.

Maintaining that the changing times were posing different challenges to the party, he urged CPI(M) workers and leaders to prepare themselves to apply the ideologies of the party in tune with the changing times. The presence of a problem alone did not guarantee a solution.

“What we need is the right kind of people to channelise the needs of the people for a solution in the right direction,” he said.

Mr. Vijayan, who maintained that human incursions against the nature and atrocities against women were some of the key issues to be addressed by political parties in the country, said these were two issues the party had made its stance very clear from the very beginning.

At the same time, he said, there was no point in holding environmentalism just for the sake of it. “We have to have an environmental approach taking into account the survival needs and aspirations of human beings as well,” he said.

The former Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac said creative implementation of Marxism would be impossible without properly understanding the relation and dynamics between the classes in the continuously changing social context of the State.

Dr. Isaac said the dynamics between different classes in an agrarian society had undergone a drastic change from the time of Independence in the State. “If we fail to clearly understand those changes while implementing Marxism, that is a sure recipe for failure,” he said.

Explaining the radical changes in the labour scenario in the State over a period of time, Dr. Isaac said the cottage industry in the State was a fast dying sector and the factory sector had been stagnant for the past 30 years. What the State was witnessing was the emergence of a new middle class empowered by education and overseas salary. “It’s high time the party developed a developmental agenda that accommodates the aspirations of this emerging middle class too,” said Dr. Isaac.

Mr. Vijayan released two books — ‘Hugo Chavez’ and a biography of Musafar Ahammed’ — published by the Keluettan Study and Research Centre on the occasion.

Party leaders V.V. Dekshinamoorthy, and T.P. Ramakrishnan, and Keluettan Study and Research Centre director K.T. Kunhikannan spoke.