Elation is evident at the Malaparamba AUP school

There was resoluteness in the air at Aided Upper Primary (AUP) School, Malaparamba, here as it welcomed newcomers to the Praveshanotsavam , the school reopening day festivities, on Monday.

The school, said the members of the School Protection Committee, was loudly proclaiming the “victory” of a mass resistance against “regressive” forces that were behind the demolition of the school buildings on the night of April 11.

In less than two months, the school has bounced back “incredibly” with two new buildings erected in place of the demolished structures with the help of the public and socio-cultural and political organisations.

While some forums donated cash, others promised to donate benches, desks, and other amenities for the school.

A. Pradeepkumar, MLA, who spearheaded the protest and the initiative to reconstruct the school along with the School Protection Committee, donated an amount of Rs.5 lakh from the MLA Fund. Forums such as the Kerala School Teachers Association, and the Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, and the Democratic Youth Federation of India chipped in generously for the cause.

The spirit of the “phoenix-like” comeback was visible in the body language of the people and in the activities, including a public get-together, organised in connection with the Praveshanotsavam .

Grand welcome

The students, including the 17 newcomers, were given a grand welcome. This confidence was palpable on the face of students such as K.P. Abhay, who got promoted to Class 7 this year. “With colourful chairs for each student, my class is a dream,” a jubilant Abhay said.

School Parent-Teacher Association president K.P. Ajithkumar is a contented man.

“We should thank the manager, who allegedly had a role in the demolition. For, it’s because of him that we got the new buildings and the improved facilities,” he said.

The parents and the teachers were all delighted to see their school in a better shape in a short span of time.

“Now, we will look after it like a treasure and help our children get the best possible out of it,” N.M. Preethy, headmistress of the school, said.

Mr. Pradeepkumar and Bhasi Malaparamba of the school protection committee who spoke on the occasion emphasised the need for the government to take over the school with immediate effect. “I promise to make it one of the best primary schools in the State if the government takes it over,” Mr. Pradeepkumar said.

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