A human chain will be formed on Wayanad Road, near Malapparamba in Kozhikode, at 4 p.m. on Thursday in protest against the government's move to close down the Malapparamba AUP School. The public in the region has formed a school protection committee to spearhead the protest and have alleged that the real estate mafia was behind the move to close the school.

According to a press release issued by the committee, the 140-year-old-school has played a major role in the educational history of the region. However, the school was on the verge of a close down due to the faulty policies of some officials. “It was only recently that Malayalam was declared a classical language. But on the ‘Keralapiravi’ day this year, the government decided to close down a Malayalam medium school,” chairman of the Protection committee Bhasi Malapparamba said in the press release.

The committee said that the reasons cited for the close down were not true. The school is situated on 35 cents of land and hence it would not be affected much by road widening. The school had not been declared uneconomical by the Education Department. Students from all backgrounds in Malapparambu region are studying in this school. The school excels academically and the teachers are competent. With the help of the Parents Teachers Association, the school was giving special attention and work experience classes to differently abled and orphaned students. The committee alleged that the school management had joined hands with real estate mafia to get the school de-recognised in order to use the land for building apartments.

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