No shortage of doctors, pharmacies well-stocked up

The Health Department in Kozhikode district is all set to tackle any emergency situation that may arise as part of the monsoon. Except for the shortage of a few specialist doctors, that would be filled up in the next general transfer, there is no shortage of doctors or nursing staff in any of the hospitals. The pharmacies are well stocked with medicines, District Medical Officer Dr. P. K. Mohanan told The Hindu here on Sunday.

While diseases are spreading in many southern districts, Kozhikode stands high with the situation well under control in the previous year except for a spell of jaundice last April. As of now, several cases of viral fever have been reported from different parts of the district along with the first rain. Two dengue cases have been confirmed while six are suspected. Three cases of rat fever are also suspected, the DMO said.

District Malaria Officer Vimal Raj said that his office had conducted a series of pre-monsoon preparation programmes from March onwards. As the first phase of the programme concluded on Saturday, the field staff, that includes ASHA workers and paramedical personnel, conducted ‘source reduction activities’ to eliminate water pools for the mosquitoes to multiply, chlorinate water at sources and conducted health education classes among the public. Dr. Raj said that the Corporation was the area of highest risk as it did not have a proper monitoring system like the panchayats.