The district panchayat will launch a series of projects to strengthen the functioning of its farms during the financial year 2013-14.

A panchayat official said here on Monday that an action plan would look into the scope of promoting farm tourism and the production of high-yielding varieties of plants and seeds.

The farms are at Koothali, Perambra, Thikkodi and Puthuppadi. He said the District Agriculture Farm at Koothali would be promoted as the main farm tourism destination.

District panchayat authorities said Rs. 3.22 crore would be spent on upgrading facilities in the farms.

The amount would be mainly utilised to complete farm renovation and buy machinery.

The Thikkodi farm would be granted Rs. 5 lakh to help produce high-yielding dwarf varieties of coconut saplings. This would support a pilot project of the panchayat to promote the production of Neera through cooperative societies.

A sum has been earmarked in the latest Budget to train farmers and supply them equipment at a reasonable cost.

The panchayat will encourage and aid farm tours.

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