Nearly one-and-a-half lakh students have taken upon themselves the task of providing drinking water for birds under a programme of the Students Army for Vadakara Environment (Save).

Save is the environmental conservation project launched by Green Community and Vadakara District Educational Officer covering nearly 600 schools and involving children who would arrange drinking water in their homes for birds to quench their thirst.

Prof. Shobheendran, chief co-ordinator of Green Community, said encouraging children to give drinking water to birds in dry summer was an effective way to instil in them noble qualities. It was the best way to teach them to love nature and birds and animals. Giving water for birds is only one of nearly 20 objectives of Green Community’s programme in Vadakara. Children in each class in every school is encouraged to plant and nurture a tree on school campus and every school is also encouraged to establish a grove that will be rich in biodiversity

Under the anti-plastic campaign, the children will collect and clean up plastic waste generated at home and bring them to school once in every three months. The plastic waste will then be taken to shredding units for safe disposal.