For a society keen on moral policing, a short film ‘Sainaba nee enthaningane..?’ should serve as an eye-opener. Rosmine Beg spent a chunk of her earnings to make the 26-minute film which was screened for the public here on Monday.

Rosmine, a keen observer of the social reality around her, poses some hard-hitting questions through the film, at the end of which one will ask, “Why are we like this..?”

Commoner’s story

Sainaba, the lead character of the film, is a young woman from a financially backward family who is struggling to live with her son. Her husband is abroad and predictably, moral police hover around. Enter a youth into her and the child’s lives. The man emerges as a saviour when her child collapses on the road.

The bond he develops with the child carries the story forward. The climax has surprises in store.

The bullying and midnight surveillance on her house by local people reflect the “unchanged mindset of some people towards a woman who lives independently.”

Rosmine, on her maiden independent venture, says that she wants to attract more women into the film industry and to communicate to the masses women’s issues and the solutions for them.

“I was delighted by the huge turnout at the Town Hall to watch the film,” she said.

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