Lack of police presence on West Mambalam arm of Rangarajapuram flyover has led to accidents

Motorists are yet to come to terms with the recent traffic changes in Rangarajapuram flyover.

A few accidents have been reported within a week of introduction of the traffic changes that were made without making motorists aware of the new system. Under the new system, entry from the West Mambalam side of the Y-shaped flyover has been permitted only from 8 a.m. to noon. The absence of police personnel at the West Mambalam arm of the flyover is facilitating violations to the permitted traffic flow, leading to accidents.

On Sunday, two auto-rickshaws collided head-on at 9 p.m. on the West Mambalam arm. An on-looker who helped two of the injured persons reach the hospital pointed to the blind curve on the West Mambalam arm as having the potential for such accidents. “The flyover is useful. But I have resolved not to use it again,” said the motorist.

Motorists continue to take the flyover from the prohibited side even after noon as police personnel are not present. “The vehicles cross the flyover at high speed. This may lead to accidents,” said Viswamitra, a resident.

“The authorities are yet to reconstruct the broken portions of wall to prevent people from entering the tracks. The wall will prevent accidents on the tracks and also on the roads near the flyover. Many vehicles speeding on the flyover have collided with pedestrians,” he added.

“The new traffic flow has helped residents on the West Mambalam side. But the police have to create more awareness,” said C. Seshadri, president of Subramania Nagar Civic Welfare Association. “We are waiting for the completion of the new pedestrian subway,” he added.

The railways have completed a portion of the subway and the Corporation planning to commence work shortly. Water has stagnated in the incomplete portion of the subway and it continues to be a breeding ground of mosquitoes.

The second arm of the flyover that leads to the West Mambalam side was inaugurated recently. The facility has reduced traffic congestion on the Doraisamy subway and consequently the T.Nagar neighbourhood. The work on the second arm of the Rangarajapuram flyover took almost another year after the completion of the first arm. The first arm connects Bazullah Road in T. Nagar to Railway Border Road in Kodambakkam. According to police, accidents on the flyover have not been recorded after the inauguration so far. “We are creating awareness of the new traffic restrictions,” said a police official.

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