Kauvery Hospital in Alwarpet has brought to Chennai new equipment that offers treatment for tumours. The hospital, a unit of HealthCare Global (HCG) enterprises, has introduced Flattening Free Filter Mode Technology, which is currently available only in Ahmedabad. The technology will ensure that only the tumour will be exposed to radiation and damage to neighbouring tissues and organs can be avoided.

“For instance, if the cancer is in the prostate, radiation could affect neighbouring tissues in the the rectum or the bladder. But FFF technology delivers the rays precisely on the tumour. When a patient moves, the tumour could also move and the radiation rays may not effectively target the tumour. Unlike in conventional treatment, where the patient will have to remain still for 15 to 20 minutes, this technology requires the patient’s cooperation for only two minutes,” said Ayan Basu, head of radiation oncology.

As the rays are not scattered, it does not affect normal tissues, reducing the chances of secondary cancers and optimising medical outcomes, said senior consultant radiation oncologist A.N. Vaidhyswaran. The treatment can be used to treat tumours of prostate, lung, head and neck besides inoperable tumours.

According to Dinesh Madhavan, director HCG Services, Kauvery is the first hospital in south India to get approval for using the new technology. The treatment could cost Rs. 2.8 lakh for an entire session lasting two months. But those with a health insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh could benefit, say hospital authorities.

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