Over 70 members of ‘Team Anna’ were arrested for staging a demonstration in front of Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s house in Nungambakkam on Sunday afternoon.

They demanded a detailed enquiry into the alleged corruption charges against 15 Union Ministers, including Mr. Chidambaram.

Policemen on duty at the Minister’s house were taken by surprise when the protesters marched in shouting slogans against him .

“On any given day, 25 policemen are posted in and around Mr. Chidambaram’s house. Though we asked the protesters to leave the place peacefully, they refused to budge. We had to detain them,” said a senior police officer.

The followers of Anna Hazare sought inquiry by a Special Investigation Team into the alleged corruption charges. The protestors lay on the road, holding on to each other, and refused to move. Some of them had to be forcibly lifted and put in the police van.

Following the protest, security in the area was increased. The detainees were taken to a corporation school on Modern School Road in Thousand Lights and held there till 6.30 p.m, according to S. Saravanan, Assistant Commissioner of police, Nungambakkam.

Police said food was provided to protesters. “Some had it, but others did not as they were fasting. They were hostile only during the arrest. Later, they spoke in a friendly manner,” said a source.