The Arts and Science colleges should ensure that beneficiaries identified under Free Collegiate Education Scheme get admitted in the course of their choice only, according to G. Thiruvasagam, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras.

Talking to reporters here on Wednesday after inaugurating the Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Platinum Jubilee MBA Block and additional classrooms at Sri Sankara Arts and Science College Enathur near here, the Vice-Chancellor said the State Government had drawn up a new policy for higher education in order to encourage youth from socially and economically backward sections to pursue higher education. Introduction of free education for bachelor degree courses, reduction of tuition fee etc. were some of the salient features of the policy.

He said that the University of Madras had written letters to all colleges coming under its domain, asking them to fall in line with the State Government's decision to attract rural youth to take up collegiate education. A suggestion to enrol 10 students under this scheme made by the university was well received by the colleges, Dr. Thiruvasagam said. While one seat in all 72 departments functioning on the university campus would be reserved for the Free Collegiate Education Scheme, the affiliated colleges have been directed to admit students, who were eligible under FCE scheme, in the course chosen by them because job-oriented courses were available in self-financing colleges, he said. He said 1500 youth from socially and economically backward sections would benefit from this scheme from this academic year.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012