Krishna Durga and Dharmesh Raj, as step siblings, have participated in karate tournaments at the national and the international level together. On Monday, they participated in counselling for medical admissions and were allotted seats as the top two rankers under the sports quota.

“They have been training in martial arts from the time they were six years old. I am happy that they are both getting admissions into medical colleges now after all the other awards they have received,” said their proud father E.V. Mohan Raj, a doctor residing at Anakaputhur in the city.

While Krishna Durga won a silver medal in the Commonwealth karate championships in South Africa last year and two golds in the national championships in karate and wushu, Dharmesh Raj won gold in the Commonwealth championships and a silver and a bronze in the national championships in karate and wushu. “We are happy to get this admission. We wanted to become doctors just like our father,” the duo said.

Officials said they were initially confused when they saw that both had cited the same person as father though their birth dates were three months apart. They realised later that the two were step siblings, with the same father but different mothers.

Their brother is also a karate champion and is doing third year engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology after gaining admission under the sports quota.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012