In a telephone threat to a school near Red Hills, a student of the primary section reportedly played a prank on the school authorities by calling in a bomb threat and demanding Rs. 5 lakh to spare the school of a blast.

Police sources said the high drama started on Wednesday morning after the nine-year-old student of the school called the school landline from his mother’s mobile phone, to enquire if a school holiday had been declared due to rains in the area.

The boy was infuriated by the response from the staff member who informed him that the school was not working. He called a few more times and during one conversation he said that a bomb would be planted in the school.

“He said he was a notorious rowdy, Vicky, and would blow up the school. He then demanded a sum of Rs. 5 lakh,” said an investigating officer.

The school authorities alerted the city police about the prank and furnished the caller’s mobile number recorded with the caller identification device on the phone in the school office.

The call was tracked to the boy, residing a few kilometres away from the school. While his mother maintained that he had not made the prank call, police officers advised the boy against such behaviour in the future.

No case was registered on the incident, sources said.

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