To promote greywater recycling, Metrowater recently implemented a pilot project at SAF Games Village in Koyambedu.

Bath and kitchen water that contribute to nearly 60 per cent of the sewage generated were used for kitchen gardening as part of the project.

A block housing 16 families was chosen for the project. Officials of Metrowater said about 12,000 litres of water was supplied daily, of which, 7,000 litres was generated as sewage.

As the phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen-containing compounds in greywater are good sources of nutrients for vegetation, the treated waste water was used to develop greenery.

A press release said greywater was collected in a separate pipeline and filtered and used for gardening.

Plants such as canna, cyperes and heliconium are ideal for greywater gardening.

These plants help in removing pollutants from soil and water and act as filters.

A Metrowater official said such projects would help relieve the stress on the sewer network as at least 60 per cent of sewage generated could be reused.

Metrowater also proposes to provide technical guidance to residents to replicate the economical model of greywater recycling in housing complexes. This would also help reduce use of freshwater resources, the official said.

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