Investigations have been intensified into two prominent cases of brutal murder of two elderly couple in Ashok Nagar and Velachery in November 2008 and November 2006 respectively.

The murders of septuagenarian couple, S. Saravanan, a former Chairman and Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited (TAMIN), and S. Kasturi and their domestic help K. Inbarasi in their bungalow on Dr. Natesan Salai came to light in the early hours of November 20, 2008.

Ten special teams formed to investigate the triple murder, questioned over 450 persons and conducted a scientific analysis of the crime.

Investigating officers suspected that one person known to the family committed the crime along with accomplices.

Traces of the murder weapons washed in the kitchen sink after the killing were also found. However, investigations hit a roadblock after that.

The probe was intensified with 12 new special police teams formed last week.

Investigation into the case of murder of the elderly couple in Velachery, P.A. Jacob and Mony Jacob, in their house on Sankaran Avenue, Indira Street, on November 17, 2006, has also been intensified.

Police investigations then by seven special teams revealed that after murdering the couple, the killer had closed all the doors and windows and opened the LPG cylinder in the house to cover the stench of decomposing of the bodies before driving away from the scene in the victim’s car.

No breakthrough

Police questioned many people including the couple’s domestic help, but there was no breakthrough. “The only information we have is an eyewitness account that a man dressed in white abandoned Jacob’s car in Padappai on November 17 night. Therefore, a few police officials who investigated the crime were called in recently to share their findings on the double murder,” said a senior officer in charge of fresh investigations.

Even after a few years of the murders, police are unable to conclude whether these were murders for gain, particularly related to immovable property.

The Commissioner of Police ,T. Rajendran, said, “We have included additional personnel to strengthen the investigations and are determined to find a breakthrough.”

He said various angles would be probed again and until then it would be difficult to say that the murders were linked to property disputes.


Petlee PeterJune 28, 2012

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