Purushothaman files petition before High Court

M.P. Purushothaman, whose son Shaji Purushothaman is wanted by police in the case relating to a car accident at Egmore here on May 23, has filed a petition in the Madras High Court seeking to restrain the police from harassing his company employees, relatives and maids in the guise of investigation.

Mr. Purushothaman, who is the chairman of the Empee Group of Companies, Chennai, said a car belonging to his company was involved in the accident which occurred near the Maternity Hospital, Egmore. A boy died.

The police had arrested one Kumar who was driving the car.

The petitioner said Mr. Shaji was travelling in the car along with two others. The police who initially filed an FIR against Mr. Kumar had now altered it and registered the case against the other travellers also.

All, except Mr. Shaji had been arrested. In the guise of looking for Mr. Shaji, the police were entering the premises belonging to the group of companies.

Everyday, two or three staff members from each of the companies were being taken away in the name of investigation. Mr. Purushothaman said his relatives and maidservants were being detained by police. He alleged that innocent persons were being harassed.

“We have already provided the necessary information sought for by the police regarding the vehicle particulars.” Fifty staff members had been questioned so far, he said.

When the matter came up before Justice K.K. Sasidharan, it was adjourned to Wednesday.