If you like visiting the bird gallery at the Government Museum in Egmore, here is another reason to go there again.

A colourful translide display of birds and related information will soon come up at the gallery.

Moving the demand for the department of museums on Thursday, school education minister Vaigaichelvan said the work would be taken up at a cost of Rs. 4.50 lakh. The gallery that is square-shaped has around 500 stuffed birds and six pillars. The slide display with interesting accounts of birds and their classification will come up around the pillars.

The minister said signages including maps would come up at the museum at a cost of Rs. 6 lakh. The CCTV camera system would be upgraded at a cost of Rs. 15 lakh.

Mr. Vaigaichelvan also said it had been decided to e-publish rare reference books that the museum possesses. Some of the publications date back to 1852.

“There are over 200 books on various subjects that are often used by Ph.D scholars,” an official said. A separate portal will be developed for this purpose and about a lakh pages are likely to be digitised at a cost of Rs. 6 lakh.

A district museum will also be established in Tuticorin at a cost of Rs. 30 lakh. A sum of Rs. 5 lakh has been allocated for conducting Panpattu Palagani programme and another lakh will be allotted for the ‘exhibit of the week’ programme at the Egmore museum.

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