A mother of two jumped into a well in Gowl Bazaar near Tambaram on Monday, along with her daughter. While local workers managed to rescue the daughter, the mother drowned.

 Manjula (39), wife of Ayyanar, employed in flower knitting shops in Mylapore, was a resident of Pozhichalur. On Monday, she asked her husband, Ayyanar for money for household expenses. He refused, and the couple quarrelled. Around 1 p.m., she went to the well located opposite the Government Higher Secondary School in Gowl Bazaar. She gave Gokulraj some money and asked him to get confectionaries for himself and jumped into it along with her daughter, according to police.

A group of workers nearby jumped into the well and rescued Harini, the daughter. However, they were unable to save Manjula, who was taken to a hospital but pronounced dead

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