The spate of showers the city has been enjoying may continue for the next two days, the Meteorological department said.

This however, has not helped with the unrelenting heat. July has begun but city residents continue to be subjected to uncomfortably hot days. On Tuesday, Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam recorded temperatures of 37.7 degree Celsius, which is nearly two degrees above normal. This was only slightly lower than Monday’s day temperature, and only because the sea breeze set in around 3 p.m., officials said.

However, it was slightly cooler in the evening, with a slight drizzle in a few areas including Anna Nagar and Tambaram.

B. Aparna who works in Nungambakkam said she now travels with a raincoat to work as it regularly rains in the evenings. But mornings continue to be sweltering.

“It is difficult to ride during the afternoon even if I cover my face because of hot winds,” she said.

What Chennai is experiencing now is similar to summer showers, said Met department officials. Some areas have received rainfall every day over the past week. An official said Soaring temperatures during the day trigger thunderstorms, which lead to showers. Such convective activity usually occurs during the summer, an official said.

Y.E.A. Raj, deputy director general of meteorology, regional meteorological centre, Chennai, said in July, the sea breeze too triggers the development of thunderstorms. A sea breeze that intercepts strong westerlies often acts as the perfect foil to thunderstorms in coastal regions, he said.

The effect of a sea breeze front — the point at which the light and cool sea breeze intercepts strong westerlies — is felt up to 70 km off the coast. This is why there is more rain in Meenambakkam than in the heart of the city, he said.

Since June 1, Meenambakkam has received 164.6 mm of rainfall, nearly 82 mm more than the season’s normal record. But Nungambakkam has recorded only 35 mm, which is deficit by 44 mm for the season.

As July progresses, the temperature level will dip and rainfall may increase, Mr. Raj said.

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