Fifteen-year-old A.D. Daniel, a student from the Harbour neighbourhood, has always been fascinated by ships in the sea.

The math lab at Chennai High School on S.N. Chetty Street in Royapuram has helped to demystify the giant vessels for the teenager by opening his mind to concepts such as the Fibonacci Series and the methods taught by Thales of Miletus.

“We are able to understand theorems better with the help of math lab,” said Daniel, who aspires to become a computer engineer.

His friend R. Ruthraprkash, who aspires to become an IPS officer, uses the same math lab to hone his skills to tackle the CSAT exam that tests analytical and numerical skills. “Students at the school seem to have taken a liking to it. They are permitted to visit the lab all the time,” said P. Juliet Gnanadeepam, headmistress of the school. “This is a boon to students from the weaker sections of the society,” she said.

Corporation-run schools in Kodungaiyur, Sharma Nagar, Kilpauk, Nammalwarpet, and S.N. Chetty Street have been equipped with NIIT-supported math labs, set up at a cost of Rs. 1,21,330 each.