15.66 acres needed for fixing simple approach lights:AAI

Delay in acquiring 15.66 acres for fixing simple approach lights for the secondary runway is causing concern among officials of the Airports Authority of India, who say the runway cannot become operational without the facility.

According to AAI sources, construction of a bridge across the Adyar river is nearing completion. The merging of the bridge towards the eastern side with the existing secondary runway and the work of merging the bridge with the extended portion of the secondary runway are also nearing completion. The work is expected to be completed by January next year.

The AAI had sent a letter in October this year to the State Transport Secretary requesting him to acquire the land and hand it over.

The State government, in a letter dated November 8 to AAI officials, had sought information on the AAI's share in acquiring the 15.66 acres that works out to Rs.37.60 crore.

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