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Killer may be leftie: cops


Investigators rule out possibility of Monday’s murder in Royapettah being for gain

The person behind the murder of a 64-year-old woman at her apartment in Masilamani Road, Royapettah on Monday afternoon, could be a left-hander, the police said on Tuesday.

The culprit might have attempted to divert the attention of investigators by making it look like a murder for gain, said police officials probing the murder.

“The jewellery that the victim was wearing was intact, which rules out the possibility that it was a murder for gain. The killer who had a clear objective of murder, is a person known to Vimala as she had opened the door and also seems to have had a conversation with the person,” said a senior officer with the Royappettah police team.

Vimala’s body was found lying ten feet from the main door and the killer seems to have deliberately made marks by stepping on her blood on the floor and walking to an alimirah, the police said.

The crucial lead in the case is the suspicion that the killer could be a left-hander.

“The nature of the fatal cut on the neck of the victim leads us to believe the suspect is a left-hander and he had held the elderly woman’s head from behind and sliced the throat,” the officer said.

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