Educational Institutions play a pivotal role in inculcating values on solid waste management. Students are learning the course ‘Environmental studies’ at various levels. On a recent visit to a few colleges in Philippines, I observed that students were involved in the learning and practice of various aspects of waste management. Almost every institution had the message – REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. Also the multi-coloured bins ensured segregation at source. It was not only segregation of paper, plastics and bottles in classroom corridors but even paper cartons, plastic cups and wrappers in the cafeteria. Subsequently, this was translated into action at home too.

Students are highly knowledgeable and adept at environment-friendly technology and are sincerely keen on creating a zero-waste environment. Students and teachers can take up simple projects to break down biodegradable waste and also come up with a solution for managing non-biodegradable waste and e-waste in the city. This way, academic institutions and municipal authorities can together evolve strategies for waste management in the city, with the cooperation of the general public. At the end of it, it is everybody’s desire to enjoy a clean and safe environment

R. Pauline Deborah

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, Women's Christian College

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