Three city MPs have prioritised other departments over the Corporation

Impact of the local area development scheme of the members of Parliament (MPLADS) from the 15 Lok Sabha, on civic infrastructure maintained by the Chennai Corporation, has been insignificant.

Three MPs from the city have accorded priority to other departments when compared to civic works of the Corporation.

Under the Corporation, new civic facilities to the tune of Rs. 3.47 crore have been commissioned in the past five years under MPLADS.

Residents can expect the Corporation’s civic development works to the tune of Rs. 1.08 crore in the North Chennai Lok Sabha constituency, under MPLADS of the 15 Lok Sabha.

Several projects dropped

According to data with the Corporation, T.K.S. Elangovan, MP from North Chennai constituency, proposed 115 works during the period, at an estimated cost of Rs. 15.38 crore.

The Corporation received a total of 14 works at an estimate of Rs. 2 crore, when compared to 101 works recommended for other departments at an estimate of Rs. 13.37 crore.

A total of six works at an estimated cost of Rs. 91 lakh for the Corporation have been dropped in the constituency.

The works completed in the city include bus-shelters, rubble-mounted seawalls to save fishing settlements, and buildings.

Dayanidhi Maran, MP from Central Chennai, proposed 23 works at Rs. 20.87 crore, during the period. A total of four works at Rs. 26 lakh have been commissioned for the Corporation so far.

Out of works at Rs. 8.41 crore recommended for the Corporation, works covering Rs. 4.85 crore have been dropped. Of the Rs. 12.46 crore works recommended for other departments, schemes to the tune of Rs. 60 lakh have been dropped.

C. Rajendran, MP from South Chennai, recommended 157 works at an estimate of Rs. 25 crore. At least 63 works at Rs. 8.18 crore, including 23 works of the Corporation have been completed. At least 32 works with an estimate of Rs. 6.34 crore have been dropped in South Chennai.

Officials attributed the fewer projects to competition between the MPs and MLAs to allocate funds for a good civic development project in a locality.