Violation of traffic rules with just not stop with a spot fine. If the traffic enforcement plan of the Chennai Police takes shape, violation of road traffic rules will result in the increase of insurance premium and could even go to the extent of cancellation of ‘no claim bonus.'

For habitual offenders, suspension of driving licence and confiscation of their vehicles is on the anvil.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M. Ravi said traffic discipline in Chennai is set to scale new heights with the police contemplating to link traffic violations with insurance premiums.

Driving in a rash and negligent manner would only result in road accidents where insurance companies have to pay for the loss of life or damage to vehicles.

“In the event of any traffic violation where the road user is charged, we will have a mechanism to alert the insurance company concerned. When the person goes for renewal of annual insurance, the premium value would have been increased. We will also recommend cancellation of no claim bonus in some cases,” he told The Hindu on Saturday.

Legal sanction

Stating that a proposal in this regard would soon be sent to the government for approval and also to obtain legal sanction if required, he said this kind of a traffic enforcement system was prevalent in some developed countries.

Efforts were on enhance the quantum of fine in case of repeated offences. “Where a habitual offender comes to notice, we will suspend his driving licence, cancel permit and confiscate the vehicle. We are undertaking many road safety awareness programmes…I think it is also time for some tough action. We need to go hammer and tongs against violators,” he said.

Mr. Ravi said he was aware that many vehicle users tried to bring pressure on traffic police when they were caught violating rules of the Motor Vehicles Act.

“They immediately try to wield their influence by calling somebody on their mobile phones. For a fine of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100, the accused persons drop names. We have given clear instructions to police at all levels to go ahead to impose penalty on any person violating the law…there shall be no compromise in this regard. Even government vehicles will not be exempted,” he added.

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