They cannot hear and yet they dance in perfect rhythm to the music being played. Taking cue from their teacher, sitting amid the audience, the students with hearing impairment swirled and jumped in a carefully rehearsed performance at an event organised by Samarpan, a social and charitable organisation.

Distributing hearing aid, books and uniforms to the students of the Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School, chief guest D. Murugesan, Judge, Madras High Court said, “Many children with hearing impairment and can talk do not use their communication skills when taught using the sign language method. But in the aural-oral method they are encouraged to lip read and also use their faculty of speech. It is important to give these children hearing aids,” he said.

Hearing aids, school books, uniforms were donated to the students of the school.

A generator was also given to the school. Materials worth a total of around Rs. 11 lakh was donated by Samarpan.

Vasanthi Mary Brinda, Principal, Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School, and Sanjay Jalan, president, Samarpan, spoke. Kamalesh Jain, charity chairman, Samarpan, was present.