Relatives of patients at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital have to tread carefully to owing to slippery floors in the aftermath of recent rains.

The problem is especially acute in the emergency medical ward no. 206 where water leaking from a nearby drain pipe has entered the ward causing immense difficulty to both patients and their attendants.

“We have been asking the hospital staff to wipe the water away but nothing has happened yet, said L. Umapathy, 56, whose brother has been admitted for a knee surgery after he met with an accident four days ago.

Some of the nurses pointed out that such instances have occurred before and minor repair works should be enough to fix the problem. “We informed the dean about the issue a few days ago. We hope some action is taken at the earliest because the number of complaints has increased,” said a nurse.

The resuscitation ward of the hospital, where many patients are first examined, suffers from a similar problem. The air conditioner’s pipeline is faulty and there is small pool in the ward due to the water leakage. “The air conditioner keeps casuing some problem or other despite it being frequently repaired. Despite this problem, the doctors examine the patients here as no other room is available,” said an attendant.

Dean V Kanagasabai said the problems would be fixed by Friday and said that the hospital had recently received about one-and-a-half crores to attend to the civic problems of the hospital for a span of five months.


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