A committee for property tax assessment meets every Friday and reviews cases

The number of new property tax assessments under Chennai Corporation’s limits has increased steadily over the past seven weeks. After the new system of property tax assessments began in May, the number of assessments has progressed from three to 134, 146, 215, 296 and 349 every week.

Because of a suspension of assessment for a few months, just three properties were assessed during the first meeting of the committee for property tax assessment headed by the Corporation’s Additional Commissioner (Revenue and Finance). The committee has been meeting weekly, and the number of properties assessed rose to 349 at the seventh meeting held last Friday.

Powers for assessment of property over 5,0001 sq ft in both residential and non-residential have been delegated to the Corporation’s Additional Commissioner (Revenue and Finance). Additional revenue officers or zonal officers have powers to assess residential properties with a built-up area of 3,001-5,000 sq ft and non-residential property ranging between 1,001-5,000 sq ft. Assistant revenue officers have powers to assess non-residential property up to 1,000 sq ft and residential properties up to 3,000 sq ft. However, the Committee reviews property tax assessments made by lower-level officials, and continues to play a key role in assessment.

The Additional Commissioner (Revenue and Finance) has been choosing over 30 per cent of cases for random verification, to ascertain if a new property has been properly assessed. The zonal assistant revenue officer will be held responsible for any under-assessment of a property in their area.

This initiative is part of efforts to prevent residents from trying to under-assess their property.


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