Under-nourishment hinders the growth and development of a child during his/her early stage of development. It is especially debilitating in the case of children with conditions like Downs Syndrome, attention-deficit hyperactive disorder and autism.

In order to provide the right balance of nutritional needs to prevent secondary disabilities among special children,‘Nutri-fest' was organised by the Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children here on Monday. A variety of food items adapted to the balanced diet requirements of special children during various stages of early development were showcased along with information on calorific value and nutritional content.

The event was put together by parents of students studying in the school.

“My five-year-old son cannot even speak. Monitoring his nutritional intake is essential or he gets hyperactive,” said Jashan Khanna. “Food intake has implications on bowel movement and obesity. These issues have greater relevance for special children who already have a primary set of disabilities.”

Priya Rajkumar, school principal, said, “It is up to parents to break the routine by providing newer food items.”


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