A PETA India investigation finds the Dog Breeding Unit in Saidapet lax about caring for the animals.

A Rottweiler barks and whines loudly at the camera. A Chippiparai bares its teeth and gnaws at the iron grille gate of its enclosure, while another howls in the background.

A mange-ridden Rajapalayam lies curled up in a corner, staggering up and shying away from the attendant who enters its kennel. A Doberman glances up with a melancholic look, giving real meaning to the term ‘puppy-dog eyes’.

The kennels are dirty, with faeces and urine all over the place. An empty stainless steel plate is the only other thing present — there is no sign of bedding or water bowls.

This is the scene in the State-run Dog Breeding Unit in Saidapet, as seen in an investigative video presented by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India. The investigation, commissioned by the Animal Welfare Board of India, has found several of the 23 dogs in the facility undernourished and diseased.

Being fed once a day and given water just twice a day coupled with long periods of confinement and no exercise seems to have sapped the dogs of their innate exuberance.

The video shows that there are plenty of facilities but the animals are not maintained well or cared for. The incomplete vaccination and treatment register speaks volumes about this.

The space and shelter, if utilised well, would make a great home for the numerous dogs on Chennai’s streets.

Click here to watch the video: http://thne.ws/peta-dogshelter

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