The Sports Day celebrations of Calibre Academy was held on August 5 at the YMCA Grounds. Students presented drill displays and a variety of games.

The show began with a March Past by the children of the Saffron, White and Green houses. The salute was taken by the distinguished guests, Pradip John, who represents the Indian beach volleyball team; Rathi Menon, principal of Pon Vidyashram; and Raj Ganapath, a fitness expert; along with the Correspondent of Calibre Academy, Madhuvanthi Arun.

Students of Classes IV and V performed the Big Dance. Big Dance, the world’s largest dance programme, was part of the London Olympics 2012. The senior students of the school, who had attended a Young Global Citizen workshop at Bhubaneswar organised by the British Council early this year, had been taught the nuances of the Big Dance. The seniors, in turn, taught the youngsters the BIG Dance, which they performed well during the event.

The demonstration of TAICHI by the children of Classes VI to XI — the synchronized gestures, the oriental music, the slow and the fast movements — created an atmosphere of gentle relaxation among all those present at the event.

During the occasion, the school recognised children who won national and international tournaments by presenting Special Achiever Award. Aakash Dandhapani, who achieved the status of an international gold medallist in karate; Karishini Veerabahu, a gold medalist in skating and chess; Piyush Jain, a district level swimmer; Rajiv Rangabashyam, a State level cricketer; Huzaifa Mustafa, a State level cricketer; Venkateshwar, State level basketball and cricket player; Varsha Nahata, an athlete par excellence; and S. Karthikeyan a swimming prodigy; were all honoured with awards. Mr. Raj Ganpath gave away these awards.

Games such as ‘chocolate fantasy’, hurdle race, slow cycling, etc, were also part of the event.


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