A gang has been targeting credit and debit cardholders at their homes with forged bank identifications for the last three months.

The culprits, who have cheated 12 persons, including IT professionals and government servants to the tune of more than Rs.4.5 lakh, are now on the police radar.

Sources with the Central Crime Branch (CCB) of the city police said gang members had approached select cardholders at their residences after introducing themselves as bank executives.

“The culprits have networked with some employees in branches of some banks here who provide them confidential information about customers, including house address, credit limit on their cards and also the expiry date,” said an investigating officer.

The gang's modus operandi is to call the bank customer over phone after illegally obtaining the confidential data and informing him or her that an executive from the bank where they hold account will come home the next day to elaborate on a possible credit card upgrade with a higher credit limit and attractive offers as returns.

The culprits had made purchases worth Rs.30, 000 to Rs.50,000 each on the cards.

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Petlee PeterJune 28, 2012

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