At a time when induction stoves are fast emerging as the chosen alternative to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders due to the spiralling cost of the latter, the absence of Indian Standards Institution (ISI) mark on them has raised safety concerns.  

T. Sadagopan, a consumer activist from Pattabhiram, said induction stoves consume huge amounts of electricity and are as powerful as electric irons or electric stoves. While it is compulsory for the manufacturers of electric irons and electric stoves to have ISI certificates, induction stoves do not come with ISI markings.

He wanted the authorities to look into it before users come to any harm. 

Consumer activists noted that even vacuum cleaners are not marked with ISI stamp. 

A senior official of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) said that nearly 90 products are included under mandatory certification (including electric stoves) and some electronics and computer items are covered under the Compulsory Registration Order 2012 (called the Registration Scheme).

Under the one-time registration scheme, the manufacturers, including foreign companies, have to register their products with the BIS. He said that induction stoves neither fall under the mandatory list nor have been covered under the registration scheme.

“Our department can take action only in case of misuse of ISI certificates,” he added. 

The official said the consumers have to send their complaints to the Department of Consumer Affairs for bringing the product under the purview of the BIS. 

A proprietor of an electrical showroom in the city said that most of the induction stoves sold today are manufactured under strict European standards and so, are of a higher standard.

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