It may be a few days before the next spell of showers begin in Chennai

The monsoon rains over Chennai, which have bridged the deficit in rainfall so far, are expected to remain mild until the weekend.

However, the Meteorological department is tracking the movement of a new system over the Bay of Bengal, which is likely to intensify the northeast monsoon activity over the State.

According to meteorological officials, a trough of low pressure persists over the Bay of Bengal. Depending on its movement and how it intensifies, the system’s impact on rainfall over the State and coastal districts, including Chennai, would be known.

Though the cyclonic storm ‘Murjan’ did not have much impact in Tamil Nadu, it has helped in accentuating the monsoon activity, the officials said.

This month so far, Chennai has received rainfall of nearly 30 cm — which is 49 per cent in excess of the normal rainfall of 19.8 cm — due to northeast monsoon, which set in on October 19.

In October, Chennai on an average gets 27.8 cm spread over 11 days. The city has already received slightly more than half of its annual share of rainfall of 140 cm.

Similarly, the monsoon has helped the State achieve 22 cm, which is 55 per cent more rainfall than its average for the month.

However, it may be a few days before the next spell of rain begins in the city as it depends on the direction of movement of the new system over the Bay of Bengal. Until then, scattered rainfall would prevail over Chennai till the weekend, the officials added.

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