It is always fun to watch a dexterous cook flip and toss the dough to make delicious ‘parottas’.

But his skill loses sheen if he loses two of his fingers and his earning capacity ends right there. Considering this, the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) has ordered compensation of Rs. four lakh to ‘parotta master’ V. Radhakrishnan, who lost two fingers in a road accident.

Radhakrishnan was involved in a road accident on OMR in September 2003, as a result of rash driving by a van driver. He lost the middle and index fingers on his right hand.

A case was filed at the Thoraipakkam police station. Radhakrishnan filed a petition with MACT in 2004 demanding compensation of Rs. 5 Lakh. The van owner’s insurance company, United India Insurance, refused to pay.

Judge J. Chandran said the accident was a result of rash driving and the insurance company was liable to pay.

“He would not be in a position to continue his work without his fingers which are important for writing, lifting any articles and making ‘parottas’. His earning power would have been affected,” the judge pointed out in the order.

The compensation was ordered considering his future loss of income, and the pain, suffering and expenses incurred by him.

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