Vandalur zoo has now achieved a new record of breeding and housing three Lion Tailed Macaques (LTMs) in the last 10 months.

This is the first time such a record has been created, say zoo authorities.

One of the oldest inmates in the zoo, this endangered species is successfully breeding here. At present, the zoo houses a total of 25 LTMs, including three newborns.

The zoo has a long-standing record of successfully breeding this macaque, as a result of which the Central Zoo Authority of India has declared Vandalur zoo a coordinating zoo for the LTM Conservation Breeding programme.

The LTMs were originally arboreal primates, preferring the trees.

With increased habitat destruction and food shortage, they have become ground-dwelling animals, particularly in the Western Ghats.

Zoo director K.S.S.V.P. Reddy said the other zoos in the country were taking LTM specimens from here.

No other zoo has as many LTMs in captivity, he said.

Apart from an enclosure with a moat, the animals are housed in two other breeding centres, located on the zoo premises, which are closed to the public.

Active lifestyle

In order to keep the primates active, the zoo has installed swings, hammocks, poles, ladders, damaged wooden logs and machans.

Apart from this, the authorities have created grass patches inside the enclosure, as the monkeys are known to feed on insects.

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