Engineers who work towards civic development to be rewarded

Chennai Corporation has started distributing cash awards to engineers who work towards civic development in each of the 200 wards in the city.

A team of senior officials has selected six assistant engineers and four zonal officers who displayed superior skills in maintaining registers of civic development works and services this month.

The engineers will receive a cash award ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs.10,000 every month from the Mayor. The selected engineers had focussed on conservancy, replacement of damaged bins, preparation of estimates for modular toilets, school renovation and relaying of roads.

“I would work till evening on Sundays. Updates of works online were done immediately. The officials verified all records including the AE diary and selected me,” said one of the officials.

The next phase of cash prize distribution is likely to cover work on 21 registers maintained at each ward office by the assistant engineers of the Chennai Corporation.

Some of the registers could be used by residents or pedestrians to examine the condition of the footpaths to facilitate restoration.

The registers will also offer data for residents who file an RTI application to trace the actual dimensions of road, footpaths or civic facilities.

Engineers at ward offices will also be rewarded for maintaining records including work allocation register, movement register, tools and plants register, simple repairs register, estimate register, building plan register, court case register, attendance register, immovable property register, tapal register, public complaints register, stock book register, inspection register, road cut register, CM cell/mayor//commissioner complaint register, unauthorised complaint register, encroachment register, OSR land register, RTI register and muster roll.

“Proper scrutiny of all the records will indicate efficiency of the engineer concerned,” said an official.