As part of Republic Day celebration, a heritage ride to Mahabalipuram was organised by Cycling Yogi’s. The ride was sponsored by East Coast Beach Walkers’ Association(a group of cycling enthusiasts).

The ride covered a few monuments of Mahabalipuram which basically come under four categories they are cave temples (rock cut), monoliths, bas-reliefs and structural temples. A visit was made to Adi Varaha Cave Temple, Dharamaraja Ratha, Arjuna Penance and Shore Temple. A brief interactive session about the monuments, inscriptions, sculptures, the progress of architecture and the role of its builders the Pallava’s was also held.

The 50 km ride started from Madhya Kailash at 5 a.m. and the cyclists rode past OMR via Sholinganalur reached Easr Coast Road and culminated at Mahabalipuram. As many as 40 cyclists of various age groups participated.

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