Street is full of potholes and is unmotorable

Sivasailam Street and Padmanaba Street (East) Civic Exnora held a public grievance meet at No. 3, Sivasailam Street, T. Nagar, recently.

R. Chandrasekar, president, Civic Exnora, welcomed the gathering and pointed out that both the streets were re-laid more than four years ago and are in a bad shape currently. “Especially, the southern stretch of Sivasailam Street is filled with potholes and the street is unmotorable.”

Water logging

Anand Laxman, president, T. Nagar Exnora, said that with Monsoon fast approaching, the key problem T. Nagar will face is water logging.

C.P. Rajaram, secretary, Civic Exnora said, “The storm water drain on the stretch is clogged and has to be de-silted to enable water flow.”

Talking about insufficient lighting, Kala Jaganathan, treasurer, Civic Exnora, said that:

“Additional street lights need to be installed and existing ones repaired.”

Several residents aired other grievances such as a garage located on Sivasailam Street, which they said creates traffic chaos.

The entire street is used as a parking lot by the garage owner and repair work is carried out on the road. This has resulted in narrowing the street width.

The residents complained about the lack of garbage clearance in the area. “Debris from adjacent streets is dumped here and garbage clearance is irregular.”

Following the meeting, new office-bearers and committee members for the years 2012-14 were also elected. R. Chandrasekar – president; Lakshman Rao – vice-president; T.S. Ramarathnam – vice-president; C.P. Rajaram – secretary; M. Narayanan – joint secretary; Kala Jaganathan – treasurer; V. Gunasekar, M.Sekar and A. Jaganathan were elected committee members.


Civic issues & HealthMay 14, 2012

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