The newly-installed bi-plane neurovascular catheterisation lab at the Government Multi Super-Specialty Hospital in Omandurar performed its first interventional procedure on Thursday.

Boost to keyhole surgeries

The lab, which is the first one in the government sector in the State, paves way for keyhole invasive procedures from head to foot.

“If a person has any vascular abnormality in the brain, like aneurysm, fistula or vascular brain tumours, we can perform the procedure without opening the brain. We can also operate on patients with acute stroke for removal of blood clots. The procedure is done through a small nick in the skin, like a keyhole surgery,” said a senior doctor at the hospital.

Persons with conditions such as cerebral haemorrhage, stroke, blood in the sputum (haemoptysis) from the lungs, blood while vomiting, pain during walking, excessive bleeding from the vagina and post-caesarean bleeding, will benefit with this procedure, he said.

The hospital also has a bi-plane cardiac cath lab.

The hospital, which was inaugurated in February, received 250 to 300 persons for super-specialty outpatient consultation every day, and currently has 150 in-patients.

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